How to Properly Insult a Democrat

Daily Insult

Hi all. Welcome to the “Daily Insult”. Every day between now and November 2020 (except when I’m on the road) you will have the opportunity to wake up, get a cup of coffee ( chai tea for you Millennials) and see a new bullet point. Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy my new book because there’s hundreds of juicy pejoratives just waiting to be plucked. But just in case you want something a bit more contemporaneous…..

Nov. 1 2019: The good news is STD’s are on the rise in Texas, Louisiana, California, Florida and Arizona so vote Democrat so that we can continue the trend and allow more border crossings without medical screening. “Can someone turn off that faucet over there, the drip, drip, drip is driving me crazy. Oh wait, it’s not the faucet?” Sorry!

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An International Sensation, author, lecturer, and disestablishmentarian whose talents and accomplishments have made him a household name and is considered a Deity in most countries. Also a Professional Goofball living the dream in Southwest Florida.

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