How to Properly Insult a Democrat


Listen up GenX/Millennials: President Trump wants Iraq to pay for the ‘Green Zone’ if they summarily throw us out of their country. We have invested countless billions in this area repairing bombed out buildings, erecting hospitals, schools, commercial sites, embassies, apartments, homes, fortifications, infrastructure, etc. Now I understand if you want the US out of Iraq and that is a defensible position in many ways. I further believe Trump wants us out too. If you want us out of Iraq, vote Democrat, and I agree, but here’s the thing. As a Millennial, you already owe about $1,600,000 in unfunded liabilities on top of all your other stuff, so why not charge Iraq for all their property improvements, infrastructure and invested capital so that you may owe a few dollars less? Don’t you believe in voluntary donations instead of forced ones?

Published by Axel Thomas

An International Sensation, author, lecturer, and disestablishmentarian whose talents and accomplishments have made him a household name and is considered a Deity in most countries. Also a Professional Goofball living the dream in Southwest Florida.

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