How to Properly Insult a Democrat


Listen up Parents of GenX/Millennials: If you want you kids to be at risk of being killed by an Illegal Alien, vote Democrat. If you want your kids to do far worse than you financially, vote Democrat. If you no longer want to take care of them and have the Government be their parents, vote Democrat. If you no longer love your kids and believe the Government can give them the love they crave, vote Democrat. If you want your kids to owe millions and millions of Federal Debt, pretty much insuring a dismal future, vote Democrat. Maybe, just maybe, it’s YOU who need to rethink your party affiliation. Maybe you need to take those thoughts with you on your way to the voting booth?

Published by Axel Thomas

An International Sensation, author, lecturer, and disestablishmentarian whose talents and accomplishments have made him a household name and is considered a Deity in most countries. Also a Professional Goofball living the dream in Southwest Florida.

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