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Rioters found to be COVID-19 Zombies

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This virus does things to people nobody could have possibly predicted. We already know it makes you smell funny and become tasteless. Just look at how these people are dressed. No style, disheveled, xenophobic, homophobic, islamophobic, you name it……oh wait, sorry, wrong list.

It appears some people who are infected with COVID-19 walk around looting with their arms outstretched. Don’t they understand you can’t steal stuff like that? Others carry around vials of their infected blood to demonstrate the virus is making them do it. Maybe the rioters go around with outstretched arms to measure artwork they just stole. I mean it has to fit and be sized properly for the homes they just burned down. Come on man.

Recent autopsy studies have shown the brains of infected rioters created massive holes in their skulls whereby they have to cover their heads just to prevent rain from getting in as you can see. Some have even been forced to wear octopuses on top of their heads as shown above. Apparently, the sucking action of octopuses keeps their brains in place. Who knew?

Now we know exactly why the police are letting these people alone. These walking dead are just oozing the virus. It now seems obvious these ‘people’ are burning everything to generate heat to kill the virus. Brilliant.

Just today, police have been equipped with brain-destroying weapons from the Walking Dead and have been reviewing re-runs. Gretchen Widmer has not been seen for the last 24 hours for obvious reasons. Run, Gretchen, Run.

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