How to Properly Insult a Democrat

Teaser #69

“I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen.” Martin Luther April 18, 1521

● If it’s hotter than usual in one part of the country, vote Democrat, but if you look carefully it’s colder than usual in another. That is not Global Warming. It’s the weather!

● If it’s only fair Hollywood shares its fabulous wealth with poor people, vote Democrat. “Occupy Hollywood”. 

● If Economics is a subject that escapes you, vote Democrat.

● If reparations are in order, vote Democrat, but you must seize assets from descendants of  Blacks and Indians who owned Black slaves. Let’s start with Casinos and see what happens.

● If you walk around waiting to be offended, vote Democrat.

● If you can explain why an American with one drop of Black blood is Black, vote Democrat. I’ve never understood that.

Published by Axel Thomas

An International Sensation, author, lecturer, and disestablishmentarian whose talents and accomplishments have made him a household name and is considered a Deity in most countries. Also a Professional Goofball living the dream in Southwest Florida.

One thought on “Teaser #69

  1. I always figured the “one drop rule” was because being Black is something to be proud of, and anybody would want to claim that heritage if they could. Then I found that it originated in racist times & places where one drop was considered to taint you. I still expect that people will be proud of being Black and am surprised whenever anybody takes the term as an insult.


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