How to Properly Insult a Democrat



In about 12-18 months the Democrat Party will no longer exist. Trump will have destroyed it by driving the Democrat Party into a self-destructive paroxysm. It will be replaced by a Millennial- inspired Socialist Party hell-bent on the elimination of all Conservative thought and policy. This “National Socialist Party of America”, a.k.a. “Nazi Party of America” ( In the ’30’s, the German National Socialist Party was shortened to “Nazi”, hence the reference) will rise in popularity immediately after Trump’s re-election but any Pyrrhic victories will be short-lived because Trump will destroy their enthusiasm by restructuring the National Debt, and improving the lives of most Americans, young and old alike. Wages will continue to rise as well as the American standard of living. Trump will be followed by the election of Mike Pence in 2024, followed by Don Jr. in 2032 and Ivanka in 2040 all trying to mimic the success and ethos of Donald J. Trump.

What People Say

Can’t leave home without my bullet point.

Can’t go into the voting booth without these in my head.

Voter guide 2020

Laughing at Liberals is liberating

Axel Thomas

Let’s see if we can’t eliminate the Democrat Party and replace it with something better.

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