How to Properly Insult a Democrat



Listen up GenX/Millennials: Of course you love Elizabeth Warren, her policy recommendations, radical Left Wing Ideals, and her bent on turning America into a Socialist country and so you vote Democrat to make all that happen. And maybe you believe that she is Native American, a Cherokee, and deserves all the privileges accrued to her and her ancestors through centuries of oppression. Well, let me tell you about the Cherokees. Somewhere around 1830 or so, the Cherokee Nation owned about 1500 Black slaves. The Creeks, Choctaws and Chickasaws, around 3500. So when she goes around telling you of her high cheekbones and original Native American recipes just remember all the Cherokees and other tribes who enslaved thousands of Black people. Now of course all her Cherokee ancestry is BS as we know, but American history is complicated and nuanced and you better get you some book learnin’ before you go into that voting booth in 2020.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: Look, I know you don’t think you can govern yourselves. It’s messy, hard work, insecure and scary. All that’s true and so you vote for the Democrat Party to look out for you, represent your interests, believe in their sincerity to fight for the oppressed, intimidated, and less fortunate. Well, bad news. That party has done absolutely nothing to make that happen. Now in the past the Democrat Party did have some programs that did work such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid,etc. However, back then it was with some Republican support and was pretty much paid in full. That was then. Not any more. There is no Democrat Party. There is only the Democrat Socialist Party who will govern you in ways you cannot imagine. Look at Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea to see your future. Look very carefully. Learn about them in depth. Think about them often and see if governing yourself via a Representative Republic and Conservatism is a better bet.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: You are in the midst of a Counter Revolution. No, you won’t be drafted, but you will be shafted. Old America isn’t cool anymore, however the New America isn’t for you either. It’s for the Coastal and Washington Elites who are waging the war against you, your family and all American Citizens. Illegal Aliens? Not so much. The counter-revolution seeks to destroy any ideals, principles, morals, doctrines, creeds, teachings and beliefs that made this country work. That counter-revolutionary machinery is part of the Democrat Party strategy to get rid of everything you like about this country and make you hate your country even though you have no real reason to do so. It is quiet, diabolical, and almost imperceptible. If you continue to vote Democrat, the machinery will eat you, your family and your lifestyle alive before you know it. Vote R.


Ok, nothing against teachers. It’s a tough job with great benefits and lots of time off. But over 90% of teachers vote Democrat. Is it because they just love Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer? Uh, no. It’s because the Teachers Union coerces them into a frenzied groupthink that excludes any debate or tolerance of Conservative thought. Without the Teacher’s Union there is no Democrat Party. It’s gone forever. And with this unholy alliance, corruption abounds. Teachers are forced to teach ideas and concepts that are Anti-American, Anti-Conservative, and Anti-Religion all praying at the altar of the Democrat Party. Know how to fix it? During Trump’s second term he needs to eliminate the Dept. of Education and bring Antitrust suits against the Teachers Unions. With this done maybe we can get America back, our kids on the right track,and a few more Conservative voices in Congress.


It seems all routine earthly events have vanished where we as people had time to adjust, discuss, contemplate and plan how each event should and could be handled and managed. Those were the good old days. Now? Everything is a crisis. Everything. Wanna know why? It’s a Democrat Party strategy. They have decided to instill fear into every American so that we are so consumed with anxiety and apprehension we look to them, the Democrats, to handle it. And voting for Democrats will insure that nothing you can do on your own will help. All these crises need emergency measures that only Gov’t. can address. And who runs the Gov’t.? The Democrat Deep State. This is why we have a Climate Collapse Crisis, Constitutional Crisis, Economic Crisis, Environmental Crisis, Energy Crisis….. You get the point. Now what crises do we see coming from Republicans?


Listen up GenX/Millennials: I know you favor reparations and because of that you believe that voting Democrat may well accomplish that. But hold on, I have an idea. Before we tax you to death and put you on welfare, food stamps and give you a permanent residence in your parent’s basement, I say let’s send a few of your closest black friends on a vacation to Africa for, let’s say……… 6 months or so. Let’s have them research their family history, get in contact with their present day relatives and see just how they’re faring. If their aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. are all doing well, livin’ the dream; fine. Have them come home and we can discuss reparations. But if not and their life in ‘Merika is way better, then maybe you and your friends can sing God Bless America and consider yourselves lucky for not living in a S-hole. Just a suggestion.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: What does the word Professor mean? Someone who guides, questions, instructs, stimulates, encourages and provokes. Right? A person who has worked all their lives to gain advanced skills and knowledge, who is more than willing to empart those gems to young minds so as to improve their lives and empower their future. An esteemed member of society and Academia who has likely written a book and published journal articles that have been peer reviewed and vetted as to their veracity. Well, maybe in the past all that was true. However, just the opposite today is true. A professor in 2020 is a shill for Liberalism and takes every opportunity to misinform, disinform, mislead, and misdirect in the service of indoctrination. You need to run away as fast as you can when you hear the word Professor, and towards the voting booth to pull the lever for the Republican Party so you can send these miscreants back from whence they came.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: I know that diversity is the only word that matters in any conversation between a Liberal and Conservative. If diversity is not present and on full display, the Conservative is a racist and no need for further discussion. However, IMHO, intellectual diversity is the only type of diversity that matters. Skin color, sexual orientation, language, background, education, etc. are false gods. They get you nowhere. Thought process and honesty are the only things that will resolve today’s problems. You must totally ignore the concept of diversity unless whoever is complaining about it qualifies it, explains it, quantifies it and provides reliable numbers upon which to evaluate it in simple understandable language. Without that, it’s all BS and should be ignored.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: The problem with your generation is instant gratification. It is true that there has been a racial divide as well as a sexual divide in the past. Those gaps are being slowly closed, but because of Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat and Social Media Websites, younger generations insist that the gaps close immediately. All prior discrimination must be atoned, punishment metered out and reparations paid . Shortened attention span, short news cycles, and the lack of any ability to concentrate for more than 280 characters are to blame. Slow down a bit, try thinking critically, inform yourselves of past historical mistakes and realize that the ethos and culture were very different in the past, wrong but understandable when taken in context, and once you’ve given it some thought, vote Republican. It’s really the only logical conclusion.


Ok. You love Iran, wish you could move there, hate America and vote Democrat because they hate America too. But what about your favorite President of all time? Obama. Well, he loved Iran too which is why you love him so much. Know how we know? He sent them $150,000,000,000 some of it in cold hard cash. Know what Iran did with all that loot? They manufactured IEDs and ballistic missiles so that when your friends go over to Iraq they can blow them up and remove any unnecessary body parts. Now Trump is a bit different. If Iran blows up any more Americans he’s going to defend your friends over there and blow them up just like he did to your favorite General, Soleimani. Now for the good part. With all the money Obama gave them they could buy lots more stuff to make Nuclear bombs and blow up not only you, but your family and neighborhood. Trump? He’s trying to bankrupt them so they won’t. Any questions?

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