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Unemployed white actors graciously give their jobs to fully employed black actors

The world is changing pretty fast. Unemployment went from around 4 percent pre-Covid to about 25 percent overnight. GT has recently learned unemployed white actors have given their ‘jobs’ to fully employed black actors. When one talks of sacrifice, these unique reparation-like activities will surely be remembered. The sheer generosity of unemployed white actors giving the jobs they no longer have, and which no longer exist, to employed black actors is surely a ‘step in the right direction’. OMG, talk about generosity.

This simply means racism is now completely gone in America. However, some limitations have been put in place by the Screen Actors Guild. For example, only 90 percent of all unemployed white actors assets are to be immediately transferred to fully employed black actors. Finally, a level playing field we can believe in.

Other limitations exist as well. Bronzing, blackface, and tanning booths have all been put off limits as thousands of white actors have been trying to gain entry into the ‘black market’. To that end, SC Johnson, the maker of Kiwi shoe polish has removed all black and brown polish from their shelves and replaced it with all-natural organic gender-fluid reduced calorie spit.

Quite a few celebrities are on board. What we hear is that the black A-listers seen above were all born white females who transitioned to black male celebrities at quite an early age. Seems pretty obvious in hindsight. That’s probably why most are so happy. Denzel, not so much but he has other issues.

As of this morning, in order to meet the demand for the removal of all white actors from every form of media, the negatives of all film and TV productions will play instead. Black actors appearing white will be colorized. Finally, change we can believe in.

Teaser #24

“I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen.” Martin Luther April 18, 1521

● If you just won the Women’s World Cup Soccer, vote Democrat, then burn your flag, get drunk, grab your crotch, finger yourself in public, go potty-mouth, and demand more money even though nobody really gives a crap about your sport.

● If you are White and believe all White People are disgusting, vote Democrat though self-reflection may be in order.

● Listen up GenX/Millennials: Since European cities are running out of blood due to migrant stabbing epidemics, vote Democrat. And you’re worried about gun control?

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