How to Properly Insult a Democrat


All we hear from both Liberals and Democrats these days is what Republicans did, said, colluded, obstructed, conspired, plotted, conived, blocked, disrupted, interfered, prevented, sabotaged, impaired, and devised. If that’s what you believe, vote Democrat. Now if Liberals only knew how mirrors worked……


If you are easily offended, vote Democrat, but here’s the thing. Nobody cares. You have no ‘right’ to take offense. Your personal affront is voluntary and involves your values which are meaningless. You are bullying others with your feelings. Take your ‘offense’ and put it to good use by evaluating your anger. Now we still don’t care why you’re angry, but thinking about it would be a good exercise for any Democrat; just don’t think too hard or you’ll be a Republican before too long.


I have a question. Can a Naval Officer who served honorably for decades return home after serving his country, vote Democrat, and become a traitorous miscreant? Yes. Let me introduce you to Malcolm Nance. He has spewed some of the most vial lies about this President and Conservatism. This guy is an unmitigated Liberal scumbag. Google’em.


Of course Jeffrey Epstein killed himself and here’s how. He called Hillary and asked what she did with the e-mail. Jeff was so intrigued she sent over a guy at 2AM to explain. Jeff was a bit jittery, so the guy gave him a neck massage with the help of a few bed sheets so he tried and accidentally killed himself . Sound right? Vote Democrat.


Hold on a minute. Knives and cars are being used by terrorists to kill as many people as possible? What about guns? Shouldn’t we be supplying guns to all Radical Islamic Terrorists so they don’t get stabby or run us over? Vote Democrat if we should supply firearms to terrorists and get those knives back where they belong. Whose with me?

DEPENDENCY(not the adult diapers)

Listen up GenX/Millennials: Any reparations will prolong your dependency and bankrupt you. How? By the influx of people to every municipality offering reparations. Even ‘Millennials of Color’ will fall victim to this charade. If reparations still excite you, vote Democrat, but be prepared for massive taxation and a far lower standard of living. IF you vote Democrat that is exactly what you deserve.


Have you noticed recently, every single Democrat impeachment witness demonstrates Clairvoyance? Every one of them has the uncanny ability to read Donald Trump’s mind and tell us exactly what he was thinking when dealing with Ukraine. If you too are a mind-reader, vote Democrat and maybe you can let us know what he’ll be thinking at his next inauguration.


Now I know what you’re thinking. Who wants to see so many of God’s sweet creatures perish? Since Democrats love animals way more than Republicans, vote Democrat. But don’t worry, the ship was actually a tour group of Democrats learning first hand how wonderful life was under the Soviet Union. So no loss.

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