How to Properly Insult a Democrat


If you still believe Barry Soetoro should be your President, vote Democrat. And for “White Flight”? Hey Michelle. They’re running away from YOU! We know you wanna get back into the White House. We know you hate this country and every white person in it. But as we’ve said before, when you hate a country as much as you do, you might find the country hates you right back. So think about running for President with either Oprah or Stacy Abrams as your running mate. Go ahead. But the same goes for them too. Hate breeds hate and they’ve got


Listen up GenX/Millennials: If the idea of a President Pelosi doesn’t make you throw up in your mouth, vote Democrat. You see, she’s third in line for the Presidency should the Donald and Pence get knocked off. This lady is a vicious, self-centered, rotten, lousy, good-for-nothing, egotistical, botox-soaked, weak, immoral, needy-greedy racist who has the potential to destroy this country quicker than Bernie. Well, almost. Between her and Schumer they would turn every single Democratic institution into a Soviet-style weaponized bureaucratic nightmare with the loss of all privacy and individuality. So have at it if that sounds good to you.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: Just because somebody looks like you does not mean they are good for you. Yes, I’m talking about Mayor Pete. Yes he’s attractive and well spoken. Yes he’s super gay, loves to tell everyone about it, loves to parade his husband out and french kiss him until you want to throw up in your mouth. And you love him just to show how Woke you are, inclusive, and virtuous. It makes you question yourself as to why you’re not gay because he’s so cool and you’re not. I mean what’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you gay too? Aren’t you good and cool enough? STOP. This guy is selling you a load of Socialist crap, wrapping it up in Cool Whip and making you eat it. He’s no longer in the gay closet but he is definitely in the Communist closet and you need to wake up and see right through him. He is as phoney as it gets. Before you vote for this imposter, please look at him more critically. You will be thoroughly unimpressed. Good thing he dropped out because this guys a snake charmer with a poisonous snake ready to bite.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: Here’s how you can destroy yourselves. Keep voting Democrat. Liberal programs will fail. In the short run you’ll feel better. No; virtuous. However, through confiscatory taxation, lowered productivity, stifling of the free market and trade, stifling of the private sector, you will fail. Your entire generation will fail. And eventually you will have to vote Republican to get things back in whack. Here’s an idea, prevent the decline. Start voting Republican in 2020, not only for Trump but for the entire down ticket so you don’t have to go through the Valley and begin living on the mountain top of peace, happiness, fulfillment and success.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: Michael Bloomberg is planning on massive increases in taxation of the wealthy and Corporations up to Five Trillion Dollars! Wow. Great. Tax the hell out of the wealthy. I don’t care. Tax Corporations. Hell, they’re evil. Now at least they’ll be paying their fair share. Finally. So I can vote Democrat, get this guy in and all my problems solved. Uh, no. First, the wealthy are either going to leave or hire enough tax attorneys to find loopholes and skate. Second, corporations are composed of, wait for it, wait for it…… people. So when taxed to death they too will either leave, declare bankruptcy or fire their employees to stay profitable. Know who loses? YOU because the tax base will collapse, unemployment will sore and YOU will be out of a job, which is exactly what Democrats want. They want YOU to depend on them so they can control you, manipulate you and force you to vote for them. Think about that before voting.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: It’s been proven over and over again that the Democrats have been lying to you 24/7 for decades. It’s no longer a controversial assertion. If you don’t admit it to yourselves you know it subconsciously, or suspect it but were unable to admit it to yourself because it would mean you were duped. Well, you were. The Democrats view your entire generation as ‘Useful Idiots’. They will tell you that they covet your support, will improve your lot in life and will promote equality which will make you happier. Total BS. Can you really say the Democrat Socialist Party is going to make life better? Before you vote Democrat in 2020, go online and look at pictures of life in Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea. Burn them into your memory. Then look at pictures of life in San Francisco. Then please consider voting for everyone with an R after their name so your face doesn’t show up on pictures of people dumpster diving.


Listen up Parents of GenX/Millennials: If you want you kids to be at risk of being killed by an Illegal Alien, vote Democrat. If you want your kids to do far worse than you financially, vote Democrat. If you no longer want to take care of them and have the Government be their parents, vote Democrat. If you no longer love your kids and believe the Government can give them the love they crave, vote Democrat. If you want your kids to owe millions and millions of Federal Debt, pretty much insuring a dismal future, vote Democrat. Maybe, just maybe, it’s YOU who need to rethink your party affiliation. Maybe you need to take those thoughts with you on your way to the voting booth?


As a Millennial Liberal voter you probably love playing with dolls, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Well, maybe if your 38. But there have been a few new Liberal developments with dolls recently. And virtue-signalling creepy dolls are coming your way soon. First, American Girl has just come out with the first hearing impaired doll that comes with hearing aids. Why do we need to scare kids with this stuff before they can process this information? Confusing to toddlers? Yep. Creepy? Yep. But what about dolls with other disabilities? Wheelchair dolls, Female Genital Mutilation dolls, Chemotherapy dolls, Albino dolls with sun blockers of varying strengths as add-ons. I firmly believe this is child abuse, not quite as bad as pushing puberty blockers on kids, but it definitely is putting more stress on toddlers than necessary. And we wonder why they need safe spaces? Demand Liberal virtue-signalling Creepy Doll manufactures stop this crap and just give us back our Cabbage Patch Dolls which were creepy enough all by themselves.

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