How to Properly Insult a Democrat


Listen up GenX/Millennials: I know that diversity is the only word that matters in any conversation between a Liberal and Conservative. If diversity is not present and on full display, the Conservative is a racist and no need for further discussion. However, IMHO, intellectual diversity is the only type of diversity that matters. Skin color, sexual orientation, language, background, education, etc. are false gods. They get you nowhere. Thought process and honesty are the only things that will resolve today’s problems. You must totally ignore the concept of diversity unless whoever is complaining about it qualifies it, explains it, quantifies it and provides reliable numbers upon which to evaluate it in simple understandable language. Without that, it’s all BS and should be ignored.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: The problem with your generation is instant gratification. It is true that there has been a racial divide as well as a sexual divide in the past. Those gaps are being slowly closed, but because of Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat and Social Media Websites, younger generations insist that the gaps close immediately. All prior discrimination must be atoned, punishment metered out and reparations paid . Shortened attention span, short news cycles, and the lack of any ability to concentrate for more than 280 characters are to blame. Slow down a bit, try thinking critically, inform yourselves of past historical mistakes and realize that the ethos and culture were very different in the past, wrong but understandable when taken in context, and once you’ve given it some thought, vote Republican. It’s really the only logical conclusion.


Ok. You love Iran, wish you could move there, hate America and vote Democrat because they hate America too. But what about your favorite President of all time? Obama. Well, he loved Iran too which is why you love him so much. Know how we know? He sent them $150,000,000,000 some of it in cold hard cash. Know what Iran did with all that loot? They manufactured IEDs and ballistic missiles so that when your friends go over to Iraq they can blow them up and remove any unnecessary body parts. Now Trump is a bit different. If Iran blows up any more Americans he’s going to defend your friends over there and blow them up just like he did to your favorite General, Soleimani. Now for the good part. With all the money Obama gave them they could buy lots more stuff to make Nuclear bombs and blow up not only you, but your family and neighborhood. Trump? He’s trying to bankrupt them so they won’t. Any questions?


Listen up Gen X/Millennials: I know you probably want to work. I know you probably want to get married and have kids and take advantage of American opportunities and the American dream. However, since you vote Democrat this will never happen. Now we know why. Michael Bloomberg has just come out and said that we should hire the best foreigners instead of Americans. What? Are you ready to change party affiliation yet? How does it feel to be thrown under the bus that is carrying Bloomberg around?Ivanka Trump, your 48th President IMHO, just came out and said we need to ‘Train Americans First”.This is why you will never succeed if you vote Democrat. It was under wraps before, now it is out there for all to see. Abandon this ridiculous Anti-American party and vote Republican.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: We know you love refugees and Illegal Aliens. We also know you want open borders and millions of so-called refugees flood the United States because you refuse to have kids. Alright. The Democrats want to import refugees into YOUR town. YOUR home. YOUR neighborhood. Not theirs! Think about that next time when you’re online at Walmart and you’re the only one who speaks English. Your Democrat representatives believe you are NOT the future. Illegal Aliens are the future because they can reliably count on their vote. You? Not really. So they will throw you under the bus first chance they get. Republicans don’t have your vote yet but are more than willing to work for it by protecting you and giving you more opportunities than any country on Earth. Chew on that for awhile before voting.


I just came up with a way to save this country from the Democrats, Millennials, Teachers Unions, Academia, MSM, and the Deep State. Our beloved President just raised the legal smoking age to 21. The Libertarians among us are not all that happy but occasionally public health wins over ideology. Now for the stroke of genius. Let’s raise the voting age to 40. No; 50. And add to that the requirement that every legal citizen voter must have at least 2 kids, preferably 4-5. Hopefully, by 50, he or she’s had all the stupid knocked out of ’em. Now add to that lowering the drinking age to say….15. That way most kids can be so high and drunk in high school and college they won’t remember any of the BS shoveled at them by the Liberal teachers and Professors. Sheer genius. Now let’s get our elected officials behind this for the 2020 Election Cycle.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: It looks like you guys are in love with Socialism and Communism. Great. If you wanna get sumadat, vote Democrat. However, along with those nifty systems comes a term that you may not like so much, “Mass Murder”. It seems that over the last century or so about 100,000,000 fun-loving Millennials just like you have been killed by these systems. Some through war, some through outright murder and others through starvation and disease. Now that you know that, isn’t it time to change party affiliations before it’s too late?


Listen up GenX/Millennials: Good news. If you are overweight, there is now a fantastic solution. Since you vote Democrat and know your world history so well, let’s review. Mao, Stalin, and now, Maduro, have promoted starvation and famine throughout their countries both historically and present day. This fantastic technique for weight loss for the tens of millions of people who died of famine in China, Russia Venezuela can now be yours. As you continue to vote for Democrat Socialist policies, food will become scarcer, and hopefully non existent. Chubby Millennial? Gone. Spare tire? Fuhgeddaboudit. Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem? Save your money. Vote Democrat and the pounds will simply melt off. And with so many of your fellow Millennials dying of starvation just think of the job openings. A veritable workers paradise.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: As a hipster and proud Democrat voter, you are very likely sporting a beard and believe it enhances your credibility. Nah, it just makes you look older. But here’s the thing, by your hipster whiskers you are not supporting the most woke company in the world, GILLETTE. aka Toxic Masculinity, Sexual harassment, “Boys will be boys”, “The best a man can get”……. are all the things you hate. But guess what? So does GILLETTE. So in your enthusiasm to look woke and cool with your facial hair you are taking money away from the wokest company in the world and indirectly supporting everything you hate about men, this country and flyover country in particular. You must start shaving immediately, rip off those face covers and show the world once again that your with Gillette and everything they stand for.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: We know you love Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other fantastic social websites and search engines. However, have you ever tried calling them? Those calls go to any country but yours. But since you vote Democrat and believe we should share our hard fought treasure with every S^*#hole country in the world then you’re ok with that. Fine. But they have taken away millions of your jobs at these call centers plus nobody can understand a word they say. So you have three options as you continue to vote Democrat. Number one, move to any one of call center countries, get your job back then get back to us as to why this country sucks. Number two, stop using Google Twitter etc. until they move their call centers here. Lastly, vote Republican and extract the Democrat Party from the rectum of social media and Google. Up to you.

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