How to Properly Insult a Democrat


You gotta admit, the name “Democratic Party” sounds nice.Democratic. Party of the People. Everyone gets along. People share everything equally. Every person gets a say as to how things are done. The system is Democratic so everyone gets a fair shake. Democracy at work. And so you keep voting Democrat ’cause it’s the Party that cares. And maybe that was true 70 years ago. Today that Party is on the way out because there is nothing Democratic about it anymore. Corruption reigns supreme, lying is accepted as normal and it now solely represents the Coastal Elites and Big Business. Democratic? When you vote Republican, which you should, beginning in November, remember, the Party left you not the other way around.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: OK, you hate President Trump. We get it and so you will continue to vote Democrat. But do you hate him enough to accept a payout of, say, $40,000,000 to kill him? Well, maybe you would, but that amount of money wouldn’t be worth much on Death Row. Enter Hollywood. George Lopez, a third rate comic has accepted exactly that amount for assassinating President Trump. Now is he just plain stupid, misinformed, maleducated, insane, addicted to virtue-signalling, high, or drunk? No. He is a Hollywood Elite who you emulate, adore, and follow around like a puppy dog. Is he someone who belongs in jail? Of course he does for threatening the life of a duly elected President. Do you belong in jail for supporting such a treasonous act? Uh, probably. So on your way to the voting booth this year think about how cool it would be to get a free orange jumper, free health care, etc as you’re booked in for subborning the treasonous murder of a President.


Look, we know you hate Trump. And you vote Democrat because you want him out more than anything you’ve ever wanted. Fine. But did you know that you can’t eat, spend, trust, or depend on any promises that spew forth from any Liberal or Democrat alive now or in the past? Now it’s true Democrats promise all sorts of stuff that sounds like it’s going to make your life easier and just more fun. However, today more than just about any time in the past, their promises are bald-faced lies. Empty promises. Just ask the Americans of African descent. (I don’t care for the term African-American when it comes to legal citizens who are an integral part of this country. I much prefer Americans of African descent). So on your way to the voting booth in 2020 ask yourself whether you trust the people for whom you’re voting and if they will keep all the promises they so willingly make. Some common sense here will be of immeasurable help.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: You think Socialism sounds nice and you vote Democrat. I mean it’s Social, right? Social Media, Social Justice, Social Security, Social Studies, Corporate Social Responsibility……… Just the word Social makes you feel super good about voting for a Party like that. I mean it’s virtuous. WRONG! Socialism means the Gov’t. controls all means of production and distribution of Goods and Services. Know what that means? No iPhones, No iPads, No Forever 21, No Old Navy, No American Eagle, No Starbucks, No Hipster Restaurants, No Uber, No Streaming, and NO CRAFT BEER. So as you’re walking into the voting booth in 2020 you may want to keep all that in mind.


Dear LGBTQ, since you are who you are, vote Democrat, but you would be absolutely wrong in doing so. Why? Because you are being used by the Democrat Party as a talking point. They don’t give a crap about you or your sexual orientation and will treat you just like Democrats treat Black Americans who are visited every 2-4 years, told ‘we are with you all the way’. Then they tell you that you are being victimized by the Right. Then bye bye, see-ya in a few years but ONLY if we have to. Republican and Conservatives see things differently. They don’t care one bit about your sexual orientation as long as you don’t parade around telling them how great it is to be ‘queer’. If you just want to be left alone, live your life exactly as you want, then you immediately need to change your party affiliation. Like NOW. And if you want some love, go to a Trump rally. Just don’t parade around in rainbow underwear cause that’s just nasty no matter what.


Listenup GenX/Millennials: Do you know why people believe your Generation is composed primarily of rotten, lousy, good-for-nothing, self-centered, weak-minded Democrat voting teat-sucking babies? What cemented it for many was the stark difference between how Conservatives treated Obama vs. how young Liberal Democrats treat Trump. Obama? Respectful. Trump? Abusive, vulgar, disrespectful, defamatory whining. Rioting and crying 24/7. This must stop now. Change party affiliation and clean yourselves up before the country really takes notice and does something about it. Now I’m not promoting violence but I am suggesting political irrelevance as a consequence of unmitigated Anti-Trumpist-Anti-Americanism. Please think about that on your way to the voting booth.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: Since you despise the Capitalist pigs who run this country, vote Democrat. However, what you are not understanding is that we are in no way a pure Capitalist nation. We are a mixture of numerous Socialist Programs within a fundamental free market economy with some Capitalism thrown in. There are many more countries that are far more Capitalist such as Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, UAE ( yep, United Arab Emirates”, and Taiwan. We’re #12. We’ve got Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Federal and State Welfare Programs, Food Stamps, Pell Grants, Title One Grants, Headstart and Child Welfare Block Grants. I left out a lot. So keep on hating this Capitalist Pig Nation but you have been fed a whole bunch of crap about the US and it’s time to get real. Pure Capitalism exists nowhere on this planet. Never has.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: Of course you want to destroy all 20th Century Institutions. That’s what voting Democrat will eventually do. But here’s the thing. All those institutions is what made your parents rich. You are struggling ,while Trump is struggling to revive those institutions for his kids, grandkids and YOU. If the past was actually better in some ways, and can make you richer, happier and more successful, doesn’t it make sense to support Trump’s efforts on your behalf? Doesn’t it make sense to re-elect him and turn the House of Representatives Red? It does, if you want the land of opportunity to be yours too.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: Just because you vote Democrat that does not make you elite, special, caring, intelligent, charitable, loving, kind, or even nicer. Voting Democrat makes you a lemming. You are voting for a Party that has absolutely no interest in you as an individual. You are voting for a Party that represents Illegal Aliens exclusively, and should probably be re-named the American Alien Party ( no offense to extraterrestrials who populate that party at the highest levels). In fact, if you continue to vote Democrat you are voting to destroy yourselves and your country at the same time- a twofer. Wake up and start voting for people with an R after their name and see what happens next. As DJT says, “What do you have to lose”?


If you feel both arrogant and smug vote Democrat. However as a Democrat you have ignored one of the most important human qualities, humility. Republicans have that in spades. Democrats don’t. Demagoguery and bald-faced lying have been on display during these Impeachment hearings so keeping up with currant events this should be old news. However, the good news is that Democrats can’t analyze data or think for themselves and will soon implode so we won’t need to be concerned whether they display humility or not. Since the Democrat Party is not likely to be around much longer, to frontrun, you need to register as a Republican. Now.

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