How to Properly Insult a Democrat


Listen up GenX/Millennials: You listen to everything Hollywood has to offer. you see all the new action-packed politically correct films highlighting SJW’s, Trans characters, Superheros with some of the lamest super-powers ever, Intersectionality oriented characters, etc. Fine, keep voting Democrat if you want Hollywood to turn off the entire planet with such pap. But now you are actually listening to these Hollywood creeps give you political advice too? Are you that dumb, unable to think critically, unable to analyze data for yourselves that you need these self-important, self-aggrandizing dandys to tell you how to vote? I say no! Unfollow these mind-polluting sexually assaulting creeps and think for yourselves.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: AOC is the future and so you will vote Democrat to ensure that future. But she single handedly got rid of the new Amazon HQ in Queens which would have provided thousands of jobs to Millennials just like you. Good Jobs. Benefits. Health Care. Potential for job advancement in a rapidly growing company. Improvement in Urban blight and flight. None of that happened. You are still struggling. Continuing to look at the Democratic Socialists as viable candidates will keep you from ever getting enough money to achieve the American dream and instead provide you an unrelenting American nightmare.


Listen up non-binary GenX/Millennials: You’re busy but you’ve listened to some news reports about the Impeachment. You vote for Democrats because you believe they tell the real truth about America. You would be absolutely wrong to believe anything you hear from any Democrat who is involved with this Impeachment. You are being lied to 24/7 by the Democrats,Media and Hollywood. It’s not like they’re stretching the truth or maybe exaggerating here and there. They are flat out lying. You are being made a fool of every single minute of every single day. And if you continue to vote for Democrats they will take you for granted, lie 24/7 about Trump and you will never get the real truth about this Impeachment or anything else until you vote Republican for every single candidate in 2020 and especially the President who will work on restructuring Student Debt ( probably yours) as well as the Twenty Two Trillion Dollar Federal Debt in his second term ( Uh, YOU owe that, YOU are the Federal Debt, just so you know).


Listen up GenX/Millennials: I know you hate the phrase “American Exceptionalism”, so you vote Democrat to virtue-signal and show the world you know this country sucks. But you know what’s really exceptional about America? America’s Military is under Civilian control. What does that mean? It means it’s codified in our Constitution which is Exceptional. Now I am not saying we are alone in this as many NATO countries are similar, but ours is written in stone. Period. Theirs is not. What this means in practical terms is that a Military Dictatorship is almost impossible here, and unlikely but possible in other countries. That’s a big deal. Now I prefer the term “American Experiment” since our country is so new. Maybe you can adopt that term too and feel better about voting Republican.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: Leadership is seen nowhere in your Democrat Party. Leadership is not a Dictatorship, Autocracy, Monarchy or any of the other names that are given to Trump. Leadership is not telling people exactly what they should be doing. As a Liberal and voting Democrat you probably disagree. However, Presidential and Congressional leadership is demonstrated when a system is created for people to study and decide for themselves if it suits them or not. This is how Trump operates and is why you need to change party affiliation. It’s called Freedom, which you will lose if you keep voting for people with a D after their name, and is a word you should think about more often.


Dear Liberals: I keep on asking myself why Democrats never retire? I think I have the answer. With the unquestioning, fawning, obsequious, unctuous, bum-sucking, boot-licking, servile behavior of Hollywood, the MSM, and Deep State why would anybody leave? Which is why you should vote Democrat if that behavior seems appropriate. Why the Republican turnover? Overheated BS-meter, which is why you need to change party affiliation so you don’t have to deal with all the BS. Life will be a lot easier if you vote for everyone with a R after their name. Plus you can pretty much rest assured they’ll be gone in a few years which is the way it’s supposed to work anyway.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: Just about the entire country is freezing its ass off. You will hear this is all the result of Global Warming. Of course it is, which is why you vote Democrat. You will be told it’s all that damn CO2 which is causing the ozone layer to melt which is making the polar vortex form and making the gulf stream slow down…… Stop. Absolutely nothing you hear makes any sense. Nothing. Global Warming does not cause Global Cooling. Please think critically about weather, and the fact there are so many moving parts it’s virtually impossible to forecast weather or climate outside of a week or two. And as you keep shoveling snow realize you are shoveling Progressive horses*^t too. Oh yeah, bundle up.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: I know you are sympathetic to all minorities in this country. Alright. Keep voting Democrat. But there is a huge difference between empathy on one hand and promoting every single non-mainstream lifestyle as being better and deserving special privileges. Under the last two administrations, every single minority group, not speaking racially here, was considered a Deity. Though somehow oppressed, still safeguarded; no, preferable. And this is exactly why Trump won. Things are different now. Through economic policy and prosperity, the Greenback has leveled the playing field and the country is now far less divided than ever before. That is an undeniable verifiable fact. Please check that out and use your own common sense to think about it. If you change party affiliation this unifying trend will continue. Continue to vote Democrat and you are inviting Civil War.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: You are all soft targets. Know what that means? Every time you leave your house you very likely associate with Liberals, snowflakes, and gun-hating pro-gun confiscation Democrat voting Liberals. You are a walking gun-free zone and everybody knows it. If you keep voting Democrat, fewer and fewer people who surround you in your daily lives will have the ability to defend and protect you from gun-toting savages who would like nothing better than to take your stuff and shoot you or maybe even both. To be a bit more blunt, gun control may someday kill you. Are you really willing to take that chance and continue to vote Democrat?


Listen up GenX/Millennials: Of course we want to be welcoming to all new US citizens. We want them to be successful, work hard, and enjoy their new country since they studied and waited a very long time to become US citizens. We call them legal aliens or now, US citizens. Legal. But what about those poor unfortunate Illegals? Well,you are far more likely to be killed by illegal immigrants compared to legal ones. Killed. Dead. Maybe even dismembered and your heart removed for good measure. Oh yeah, don’t forget rape, larceny, assault, and battery. Open Borders? Great idea. So as you vote to put a Democrat in the WH in 2020 or put more Democrats in Congress, just know that you may be signing your own Death Warrant. Have a nice day.

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