How to Properly Insult a Democrat


If you have an overwhelming desire to control our climate, vote Democrat. But can you really predict the climate when our planet is spinning at 1000 MPH, revolving around the sun at 67,000 MPH, moving through our galaxy at 515,000 MPH and our galaxy moving through space at 1,300,000 MPH? And you want to tell us anything we should take seriously about the climate decades from now? Get lost. We’re busy hanging on for dear life as it is. Google it.


If you love Donkeys, vote Democrat, but as the Democrat party falls apart after the 2020 sweep, now even more bad news arrives.”Half the world’s donkey population could be killed amid surge in demand for Chinese medicine”. I have an idea. Every Democrat in the country should adopt a Donkey. Since you voted for an ass you should be perfectly comfortable living with one.


OMG, Venice Italy is underwater. It’s sinking. Know what else is sinking? The DNC, Impeachment, Democrat Fundraising, Adam Schiff’s poll numbers, and Top Brass in the Interagency Group {NSA,CIA,FBI…}. Venice was built on a Swamp. Sound Familiar? So vote Democrat, then get the first flight out to Venice, and the Democrat Party better get themselves a new Swamp to live in ’cause this one’s gonna be ‘Closed for Repairs’.


If you’re a victim, vote Democrat. But here’s the truth. Minority status does not = Victim. Majority status does not = Predator. Democrat-inspired Paranoia and lack of historical perspective drives most people to the Democrat Party. I guarantee should you change party affiliation, your paranoia will immediately disappear because you will be part of the silent Majority. See how easy that was?


If you’ve never heard of the Overton Window, vote Democrat. Overton what? It describes the way even the dumbest, radical, most mystifying Democrat policies can go from totally Unthinkable stupidity to actual policy by manipulation, obfuscation, lying, corruption and scandal (Think slavery reparations in Evanston Il). Only a Republican Congress and WH can prevent such madness. It is imperative we convince Democrats to stay home on Election Day and watch cartoons.


Just got back from a food court and was served some Asian food on a beautiful handcrafted bamboo disposable plate. Impressive. On top of that fancy plate was some of the worst crap I’d ever eaten. Tasteless, stale, and well past its prime. Then I thought I just sat through a perfect metaphor for the Democrat Party. See if you agree. If you don’t, vote Democrat.


Since you’re a Democrat and want everything for free, vote Democrat, but do you want a Free Press? No, and here’s why: If we ever had a free press the Democrat Party would cease to exist. Why? The party’s leadership would have made them irrelevant and ghosted. Free Dumb of the press is what you want and whatchagot.

Happy TG to all. Lots more posts in the days and weeks to come so don’t even think of missing a day.


If you want to see every Chick-fil-A closed and converted into a Global Warming Anti-Christian LGBTQ dominated Recycling plant, vote Democrat. But is that really enough? Shouldn’t the entire C-Suite be waterboarded, made to renounce all Christian values, infected with the drug-resistant STDs brought here by our friends South-of-the-Border, then marched from Hapeville Ga. to Atlanta and crucified at Mercedes-Benz Stadium?


Well look at that. AOC, a ‘Democratic Socialist’ is on the House Financial Committee and Subcommittee for Capital Markets. Would an avowed Socialist not reject such disgusting assignments? Nope. Not her. So vote Democrat if you want to see more AOC Capital Market legislation while she formulates them from her luxury DC apartment with >$100,000 in amenities and rent >$5000/mo. What a hypocrite. So’s Bernie with his 3 homes, private jets and such.


Listen up GenX/Millennials: What is it about Democrats that make them not understand the term “Tried and Failed”? Take UBI. It’s been tried in America as the “Negative Income Tax Experiment”. Tried and Failed. So vote Democrat if learning what actually works is just too boring. Socialism ? Tried and Failed. Communism? Yep. America next? Only if you don’t remember the term “Tried and Failed ” and more importantly if you continue to vote Democrat.

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