How to Properly Insult a Democrat


If you are easily offended, vote Democrat, but here’s the thing. Nobody cares. You have no ‘right’ to take offense. Your personal affront is voluntary and involves your values which are meaningless. You are bullying others with your feelings. Take your ‘offense’ and put it to good use by evaluating your anger. Now we stillContinue reading “OFFENSE vs DEFENSE”

DEPENDENCY(not the adult diapers)

Listen up GenX/Millennials: Any reparations will prolong your dependency and bankrupt you. How? By the influx of people to every municipality offering reparations. Even ‘Millennials of Color’ will fall victim to this charade. If reparations still excite you, vote Democrat, but be prepared for massive taxation and a far lower standard of living. IF youContinue reading “DEPENDENCY(not the adult diapers)”


Listen up GenX/Millennials: What is it about Democrats that make them not understand the term “Tried and Failed”? Take UBI. It’s been tried in America as the “Negative Income Tax Experiment”. Tried and Failed. So vote Democrat if learning what actually works is just too boring. Socialism ? Tried and Failed. Communism? Yep. America next?Continue reading “TRIED AND FAILED”


If you love cartoons, vote Democrat. No, not South Park, or Peppa Pig. It’s the Impeachment Cartoon Show. Watch as Pencil Neck and his cartoon friends try having fun at your expense, fiddling as our Country burns. Fun for the entire family. Don’t forget to shop for your PencilNeck Dolls this Christmas, available in CongenitalContinue reading “CARTOON TIME”